Posted by: forgettingsally | August 18, 2010

Who is Forgetting Sally?

Forgetting Sally is the story of my life and represents the first of 4 books I have planned on what it took to be the female child of a tyrant who knew next to nothing about raising a family.

The worst I could ever remember about my father was the last day I ever spoke to him when he told me that he never intended to raise me as his daughter and was about to lunge at me with a slap which I quickly avoided. Never once did he reflect on the years of love and precious life he took from me. He had also quite conveniently in the midst of that rage, forgotten about the tens and thousands of dollars he borrowed to maintain our private house in Singapore which he claimed he could not sell until the market picked up.

When I stared at him, speechless at his nonsensical outrage, he told me I will have no way of proving any of the loans that he took and that he held all my paychecks, bank books etc. etc. as proof. And perhaps, the worse of the worst would be when my mother stood next to him and told him that she had really meant to give me up for adoption to a Chinese couple who had just lost their baby girl.

It crushed me. It crushed my identity and it crushed the very meaning of my life.

I had been tricked, cheated and swindled, lied to and robbed of years of my precious childhood and most of my adult years, slaving for two people who had only wished the worst for me. These were the Bonnie and Clyde that I now know – the two parents whom I would now choose to live separately from for the rest of my life.

The first book of the series I plan will be a book that speaks the voice of a nine year old girl. Each of the three remaining books will capture the tone and voice of my life as I go through the various stages of life until the fateful day when my parents told me I had never meant anything to them at all.

This is the story of my life. This is the story of Forgetting Sally.

Please support Forgetting Sally at:

I am currently looking for an agent or publisher.

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