Posted by: forgettingsally | August 30, 2010

Singapore Police Handling Case

There is no case like mine in Singapore. Quite simply, no – you would never find a case that breeds sheer contempt and terror as mine..

Singaporeans do not rob their children of their youth and of their paychecks. Occasionally, there may arise the need to chip in with the rental or maintenance of a home, partaking in the payment of groceries for instance or helping to pay some utility bills and the like but no father would con their children into parting with their monies and then run off with huge sums on the silly notion that there is a specific time frame for the child to sue for the return of their monies. The law works very differently when it comes to a swindle and especially with a case like mine where the trend to consistently cheat has been proven through the length of time to be criminal.

Singaporean parents do not cheat their children and they certainly do not take the years of the lives of their children just to pursue their own selfish interests. That’s strictly taboo because of the cultural attachment with taking money from a daughter and a son-in-law. So, my father to boldly say so, would be the pariah of Singapore, possibly defined as an ill-bred man whose confirmation of values would not conform well in keeping with the cultural and social disposition of these gentle people.

When one speaks of swindling, what permeates the media space in Singapore would revolve on matters classified as white collar crimes and I mean strictly “white collar crimes’ such as a bank swindle or even of issues where a number of people were conned by a specific individual into loaning a certain amount of money. My case is unique as it involves a father who has deviously devised a systematic plan that would enable him to live through his old age having a female child sustain his twilight years. It seems truly disgusting and it is, especially when you know your own father would never stoop this low! Well, I am not lucky and what seems strange is my father has never troubled his two overgrown sons for anything. He lived off me without shame and he used the money he borrowed to funnel into educational opportunities for both his sons. To put it this way, my father placed the burden of his responsibility as a husband and father on my shoulders the minute I began work at eighteen, and consequently nurtured this opportunity as a means of furthering his life, unperturbed and without financial strain.

Of course, the law has now taken effect and the Singapore police are now pursuing him. He has of course left the country with all the cash he secured from the sale of our private house but I do believe that he will be caught eventually as all bad people would be eventually at some point in their life….truth be told…

And so my pen writes…..

Stay tuned.

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