Posted by: forgettingsally | September 8, 2010

My Thoughts Just This Last One Month on

Yes, I have just graduated one month being on and truly, I dare say it has been an exhilarating process! Exhilarating perhaps because of the demands of being a writer enmeshed in between so many others like me who have almost the same desires as I. We all want a publisher or agent who will choose our book as the potential one to hit the best seller list. And that truly is my goal. I want to be published. I want Forgetting Sally to be noticed. Ok, I dream and I think that’s fine. I have a story to tell but so do a lot of us writers out here actually. Everyone has a purpose and an agenda and a book to show or sell, whichever you call it and we are all game to please the publishing crowd! We will do the fixes and the tweaks, that’s how flexible we can be and we can be friends to hold the hand out to the other Authonomite when the need arises just like when someone goes on vacation, or another gets into the hospital and needs to really take the much needed rest time.

Yes, there’s harmony too in if you look around. People are nice when they get to know you better but I can’t speak for all. The bad ones do harbor and lodge themselves along the way too almost wanting to bite when you get them in the most unlikely way. And yes, I have been bitten too but so have others along the way. I have found that out in the most troublesome way that the honor system simply does not work with these people. But these are few and most Authonomites are really go getters who can be nice. They come from all walks of life and most work as courageously as possible inched with good humour to tide them by.

But the ranking system hounds me and I know I haven’t the time to mug my way through, and the thought of just dwindling like an unknown digit right at the back of the pile seems to hurt a great deal. And that is a fact because I want to get my book out and I want the world to read it but then, someone has to look at it and the possibilities exists in the most attractive way perhaps being on the top 100 list. Or does it? I don’t know. Surely, being on the top 100 means you will get a chance to be noticed? Didn’t I tell you I am only one month old or a little on I have yet to be noticed. That’s true. Troubling perhaps but I am a fighter. Have always been and will make the way although I’d like to do it as honorably as possible.

Honorably, you may ask? Indeed. You see, there is a strange system that works here on but I shall save it for another day to say.

So, to put it bluntly, given some of my ranting included above…exhilarating might not then best define the manner I feel sometimes. Perhaps, the experience is better stated as “flabbergasted” and flabbergasting it was! The minute I was thrust into the site with a book open for all to view, the backings began, one after another; everyone lined to get my book pushed up a ranking system I am still trying to gather some ideas about. I know turned 2 on September 3, 2010 and I am glad. The older it gets, the smarter everyone gets. We learn well as a baby would when it takes its first steps to be noticed. matures and so do the writers at the game but hold on, did I not say I am just a little over one month? I am sure I have not missed the game too much. Some of the writers seem to have taken a break and given me the leg up to learn the new rules a little better. But to edge them should not be the game or should it? Just what are the rules of the game I ask?

If you asked me if is worth it, yes sure. I would say everything available is worth the try. I would do anything to be published and be noticed by Harper Collins but let’s think realistically. There are rules for everything and while sounds like a great idea, there are still rules which need to be moulded before the system gels itself to perfection. So what would be my thoughts on that? Tune in – I will have to power the ride and tell you soon!

Written by Romilla D.

© 2010 All Rights Reserved


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