Posted by: forgettingsally | October 12, 2010

Oh Yes! It’s Really About the Discerning Reader

Each time I go to a book store scouting for that next exciting book, the first thing that hits me would be the cover of the book. Is it something that I would deem worthy of my browsing eyes? Does it deliver the visual content for which it speaks? As I hasten to pivot my sight to that book, the next question that triggers off from the recesses of my thought processes would center on the textural appeal of the image used to characterize that book. Does the image create the visual impact that necessitates my next move in picking the book?

These are some of the questions that I ask myself when I look at the book stands because amidst all the books in the specified category, it has to be that one book which I will spend my buck on, the one book that will have me holed up in a delightful and imaginative world sipping my favorite ice lemon tea on my comfortable sofa. And yes, it will have to be that one book that will take my mind off the demands of the civilized world for which I sometimes seek to perish from! Yes, I can be the demanding reader indeed!

So, what exactly compels a reader like me to buy that book? Would it be the cover that enthralls the human sight? Would it be the name of the best selling author that sits like a shining sign of your ability to make out good reads? Or would it be the content that sits between the covers? Maybe, the written summary on the back of the book is what piques my attention? No? Then perhaps, it must be the author’s name? Best selling authors are really good they say?


Or perhaps, it could very well be that you may be just like me, the sort of reader who looks at character buildup in a book? So, you are the mysterious reader the publishers wants to please – the discerning, dogged and demanding reader who wants a lot more than simply gleaning off the covers of the best selling book on the stand. Not to be dissuaded by the resounding appeals and great reviews huh? Yeah, that’s me alright! I’d go a mile for that book!

Well, if you are that one discreet reader who is intent on picking that one book which really tells a story, then perhaps what you are really looking for are the unique delivery of the characters that communicate and draw your interest? So, just what would you do when only the cover of the book, the summary and the author’s credentials are what perks your interest? Do you make that purchase on an impulse or do you delve in deeper into the first few pages that really tell you the start of what could be that truly great book or simply knock yourself on the head for wasting your precious time? Remember, you have got that meeting round the corner two blocks away that would have you clinching that time sensitive contract, so time is definitely limited.

All things considered, just what is it then that compels you to make your purchase?

For me, there is plenty. It is not about the book cover, nor the best selling author that compels my purchase. I would also look at the summary that sits at the back of the book. If this tells me that it is just one of those regular two dimensional stories that you read about everyday, the atypical story that is given meat on its flesh to please the everyday mundane read, then forget it! Not my cup of tea! But if it is the read that tells me about the strong and compelling characters that live within its folds, then yeah, you sure perked my attention alright! So, my next step would be to invigorate myself into reading those few pages. Maybe, the book has a story to tell, a spirit that it nurtures which gauges and keeps my attention wrapped in its write. We’ll see.

As I flip over the pages of a book, I read the text that defines the manner the author sets the pace for the story. It tells me about the initial buildup of the scenes and possibly introduces the cast of the story. It could begin early with the main character that is bred within the story or it could very well be the secondary characters that develop the storyline that births the entry of the main character. Whatever it takes, the storyline has to be compelling or I will shove the book back to its dusty shelf and stamp my way out!

Remember that readers come from all kinds of background. They could be discerning and difficult like me or they could be easy readers who just want a book to pass the time on the train or during some spare time. Most often, the genres that define a book, truly characterizes the type of reader that could walk into your store. So, it is important to know the kind of reader you are targeting. For those who like mystery and thriller reads like me, we can be difficult indeed. When you have mastered the elements of the good read having harnessed the content buildup of notable authors like Frederick Forsyth and the like, what happens is that your level of reading maturity also develops to an extent of being a discerning reader who mobilizes through the intellect rather than mere here say. Not easy huh? Yes, but that’s the reading world from where I come from – if you give a book that promises aplenty, you had better stick to it or I am walking!


Written by Romilla D.

© 2010 All Rights Reserved


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