Posted by: forgettingsally | February 20, 2011

Just a Thought on Senator Brown

When Senator Brown stepped up and admitted about something so personal in his life, I was quite surprised. Indeed, this came as a shocker in part because it takes a public person quite a bit of courage to finally tell something he has been bottling up for years. It is not a pleasant experience revealing one’s deep, dark secrets – yeah, those well-woven secrets that no one needs to know and I am not quite sure why he did it. I guess I have to read the book to know why but my feeling is that when he took that giant step, he was more interested in making information about child abuse known. After all, we need to empower the public with information so children can be protected. Children are after all our precious assets and their welfare dictates the betterment and progression of this society.

I know how it feels to tell something so dark. I have gone through the same hideous state of affairs and it is hardly pleasant and has always remained a scourge in my life.

Abusers are vicious predators always on the prowl for a victim they can control. Most often, these are malicious deviants who prey on helpless and neglected children. They watch and wait for the most opportune moment to make their attacks felt and almost disembowel you completely with their taunts and fear mongering. In fact, the perpetrator is most often the person who is trusted like your uncle or aunt or even your teacher.

And abusers do not care. Their basis for existence comes from quelling the inner strength of another. When they take control over a weak child, they win. Their basis in life is continuity in their own selfish pursuits marked by continued degradation of their own personal worth and the one they abuse.

Abusers also prey on a situation and they fully arm themselves with all information that enables them to embark on their sinful acts. Almost like an agent of some kind only this agent works on destructive change fostered by parents who never seem to make time available for their children.

There is naturally a lot more one can say on this rather sensitive topic and the debate continues in a myriad of ways. Not everyone may agree on how to resolve the problem but we have to start somewhere that gives the results it needs. It therefore makes sense to examine the society and socially engineer the steps necessary to mediate and control its effect.

An abused child can get hurt in the most terrifying way, both mentally and physically if abuse continues undetected over prolonged period of time. Spurred by parental neglect, such events can be devastating for all members of the family. I coped in many ways by arming myself with books which helped me live through my terrifying ordeals. I garnered strength from my reads and somehow, my spirit kept me going in the right direction. Yet, I have to admit that there were awful moments when these events incapacitated me and that would be something I would tell in my book, not here.

In all, I am happy Senator Brown spoke up. It is the brave one who speaks and tells the story for all to read and learn. For as Edward Teller once said…”fear is the only persuasion and even fear can be overcome through rational action.”

And so we learn.


Written by Romilla

© 2011 All Rights Reserved


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