Posted by: forgettingsally | May 22, 2011

Just Published: When Sally was 9…

The first of my book in the “Forgetting Sally” series, “When Sally was 9…” is out and can be viewed on and Readers can also sample my story on these sites:


I feel memoirs should be written lively, imbibed with the works of the novelist hand. It should be written like a story if possible leaving the reader with the kind of plots and story telling that makes them want to read more. When I wrote the first part of the series, I wrote it using a model that is part novel and part memoir.

Readers will find themselves working into the shoes of a little girl, Sally, who looks at the world through big glasses and who seems to have the characteristics that would be typical of any nine year old. She has grandparents who love her, friends at school she speaks to and books which occupy her time but that’s all on the surface. Once the reader tunes in, the reader very well enters another world of Sally where the thoughts of a nine year old sometimes works a little too hard, when life seems to make demands that are more than a little mind can handle. In all, the reader is provided details of family and school life as Sally saw it, the manner in which school functioned in 1970s Singapore and the kind of father who dictates a guideline on the path of life which Sally is forced to obey and follow. Of course, she questions as any child would but there are always consequences in making that challenge.

In all, readers walk through each telling chapter that describes and tells the life of Sally as she explores love with her maternal grandparents, the terrifying troubles that spew with her maniacal father and the many other unfortunate and sad pieces of the puzzle that she still pieces with hope to eventually rise and shine above it all. The second part is still in the works and would be out as soon as I can make that happen.


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