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When Sally was 9…” is part of the Forgetting Sally series and is a true story, crafted with the appeal of a novel but retaining most of the characteristics expected of a memoir.  Many names and certain events have changed to protect the characters of the story but the story is true.

There is yet a lot that needs to be addressed on child abuse in Asian societies. People still shun that it even exists and some may even laugh and shrug it off as an “imagination” on the part of the child or that the child is simply “causing trouble” for the parents by telling lies to people. When the culture has a problem recognizing that “abuse” even happens, that culture does not have the guidelines or the corrections to ferret/resolve this problem and you will see this eventually with my books as was the case with my character.

I am fighting to prove that abuse exists and it is a problem and should be addressed.

I am fighting to educate the police that abuse is a crime and that it exists and that it should be eliminated.

I am fighting to show that abuse can happen in its silent form and bear repercussions that could eventually affect the child and all people who come into contact with that child especially people who eventually earn a place in that child’s life.

There are many children like Sally and there are many parents like Karuna and Kamala but when I took my case to the police, I was told that someone like Karuna and Kamala do not exist in Singapore’s society and that I am just  unfortunate to have had such parents. I cannot imagine so but I am still working on this to show that it does…

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